Price: ₹ 1,299.00 - ₹ 275.00
(as of Jun 28,2020 09:57:00 UTC – Details)

PUBG MOBILE CONTROLLER /TRIGGER PACK OF 1 | COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SMARTPHONES | METALLIC TRIGGER | PACK OF 1【WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!】 ✔ASRA – PUBG Mobile Controller is more stable when playing game. ✔Play PUBG Mobile game with 4 fingers, shooting while moving will quickly improve your skills! ✔Playing With 4 Fingers, Effectively Avoid Operational Errors, Like The Real Game Controller To Operate L1 And R1. ✔It has been designed with foam finish to prevent any sort of mark on the prestigious touch-screen phone. ✔Perfectly fits with all smartphones of 4.5-6.5 inch. ★SETTING INSTRUCTIONS ;- ★ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE OF HIGH QUALITY AND A PERFECT SOLUTION OF ALL OF YOUR BASIC NEEDS. ✔Start Your Game[PUBG Mobile] , and then go to the “settings” -> “Control” -> “Customize” ✔Then, Move the “FIRE” button at the top of left corner and the “AIM” button at the top of right corner ★ADJUST THE ‘FIRE’ AND ‘AIM’ BUTTONS UNDER THE TOUCHPAD,OF THE CELL PHONE GAME CONTROLLER. AND SAVE YOUR SETTINGS

Designed for games on iPhone and android, PUBG, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale,Critical Ops.
No Power supply and driver needed, easy to use and high precision, increase your game score.
Shooting with your index finger while your thumb are moving, no delays. Easy to use and high precision, just enjoy your game.
With the PUBG Mobile Controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons, which can eliminate the trouble that use thumbs only to make all operations.