Price: ₹ 2,499.00 - ₹ 1,099.00
(as of Jun 29,2020 16:23:38 UTC – Details)

Tizum’s Office Desk Pad Blotter is a great addition to any workplace surface. The high quality material is made of 100% Vegan Leather with stitched edges. It also serves as an excellent choice for hard core gamers, graphic designers, or anyone who uses a mouse extensively. The desk blotter offers excellent control and smooth gliding for enhanced precision and it accommodates any type of mouse. Design Elegant leather design with stitched edges. The Beautifully designed vegan-leather mat not only adds beauty to your desk, but also protects it from scratches. The carefully constructed desk blotter features a slightly textured surface giving it a leather appearance but flat enough to use as a writing pad for your documents. You can write on documents without puncturing through paper or worrying about indenting the desk blotter. Nano-material Base No need to worry about the desk pad slipping away—its steady, 3mm rubberized base keeps it securely in place. The desk blotter effectively grips any flat, hard, tabletop surface. Protection The rectangular desk blotter protects your surfaces from scratches, stains and spills. The high quality materials will not damage desktops, table-tops, or the objects placed on top of the mat. Easy Cleaning Use mild soap or detergent, mix in warm water and use a clean cloth dipped in the solution to wipe it down. Faux leather cleaners and conditioners can also be used. FAQ about Tizum’s Office Desk Pad Blotter Q1: Is this desk blotter heat resistant? A: You can set a hot cup of coffee on it without damage and heat from laptop doesn’t affect the desk pad. Q2: When using a mouse on the desk pad, is there friction or is the mouse able to glide freely? A: Mouse moves across the desk blotter freely with no hesitation in the cursor movement. Q3: Is the surface hard enough for pencil writing on single piece of paper? A: YES, no pokes through the paper.

Delicate Surrounded Anti-fray Stitched Edges: The latest anti-fraying edge stitching ensures the mouse pad does not fray or peel of surface for a long time use.
Usability : – Effectively usable for writing and typing purposes. Non-Slip Bottom – Safe for any surface. Anti-slip under side to keep from slipping on greasy surfaces. Protects your glass / wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills.
Surface can be used as a mouse pad, comfortable resting surface for your hands while writing, typing, or using the mouse. Wide Surface Area, with enough room for your Laptop, keyboard, mouse, sketchbook or journal and Big enough to Fit your Working Desk.
Quality: – Water-resistant so its pretty easy to clean. Easy to carry around as it weighs only 860gms. Rectangular design with size 35-Inch x 17.7 Inch fits your table perfectly.